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Viper Gaming is a multi-platform eSports Organization founded in 2014 by leaders USA xAcemisfitx and BM4690, both of whom are former Professional Call of Duty players. Since the emergence of our organization we have grown quickly with many teams spread across several games and platforms. Our more notable success came from our former Gears of War and CS:GO teams who attended several Lans and placed very respectably, in concurrence with many online first place finishes. Furthermore, Viper Gaming continues to grow and gain more spot light making us a very respectable and recognizable organization. Now our attention shifts back to the notorious first person shooter Call of Duty where our roots began. It is unparalleled how much time and effort we plan to invest into all of our Division's for the upcoming release of COD: BO4, we plan to make a big splash in the competitive scene as well as continue to grow our community.

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